Friday, 7 February 2020

February Newsletter 2020

  We have some new information from the Minutes of the recent Executive Meeting.

  Sports:  (Cde. B. Howe)  Darts is back on til the end of March. Posters and donation letters for the annual bonspiel have been handed out. We are actively looking into new ideas for draws.
  Entertainment/Special Events (Cde. B. Brennan)  We had a  good turn out for New Years Eve, although there were some complaints from members about the cover charge. “Two Crows for Comfort” had a good turn out, and a write-up in the Tribune. We will have “The Marvels” in the Club Room on Feb 15 for the Bonspiel.
  Sick & Visiting (Cde. J. Gray)  Luella Watier was sent a card & gift card for her stay in the hospital.  Chris Monk was visited in Hospital;  he passed away Saturday, January 11. Tina Werner passed January 2 and a card was sent. A card was sent to the family of Curtis O’Dell.
  Building & Maintenance (Cde. G. Deprez)  The back room organizing is done. Polman has serviced the Hvac and ice machine; might need a filter on ice machine  at a cost of about $490 -- will look into it more. The hall floor needs waxing; will cost less than $2000.
  Service Officer (Cde. M. Barda)   Military History and Veterans Service Card applications will be given to Cde. C. Felske in the office if anyone wants one.
  Membership (Cde. C. Fedon) 9 new members. 

  Painting the Club Room was discussed, with a view to a color change.
  Curtis O’Dell’s Funeral will be Friday; we made a donation to Palliative care and for flowers. Donations re Chris Monk have been tabled to May. 

  Hopefully you are all enjoying our lovely winter -- remember, Spring is not too far away now!

Monday, 27 January 2020

January Newsletter 2020

  To contact us, please phone 204-467-2261 or email

  Happy New Year! Sorry this newsletter is a bit late but, well, you know, life got in the way. But here we are at last, with all the news that is, as they say, fit to print. 

  The Branch wrapped up 2019 in fine style. Many thanks to everyone who participated in any way in our always-popular Remembrance Day service. Other activities included the annual Christmas Eve afternoon party and the New Year’s Eve celebration in the Club Room. None of these events can happen spontaneously by themselves; many of our Members help with the planning and execution, and their efforts are very much appreciated.

  In the fall of 2019, we followed the same pattern as 2018 in NOT having a Fall Supper; instead we will present the Second Annual Spring Fling in March, either on the 15th or the 22nd -- stay tuned for further updates.  

  We continue to present a variety of activities for our Members:  Friday Night Meat Draws and Saturday Afternoon Meat Draws (the last Saturday of the month only) continue to be successful, as does Wednesday Night’s Chase the Queen draw. Monday Night Bingo is a community staple, but we have changed the Early Bird to 6:45 p.m., with regular games starting at 7:15. Thursday night is Crib Night; be ready to start play at 7:00 sharp. Darts League is our Saturday night event, unless something else supplants it; call the Club Room at 204-467-2261 to check the schedule. 

  One of most important events of the year is on the horizon – the Annual Bonspiel! This takes place on the weekend of February 14-16. On the 15th the Marvels will be playing, and supper will be served; no Darts League that night. 

  A big “Thank You” goes out to our outgoing Executive, and a big “Welcome” to our incoming 2020 Executive:             
                              President/Lotto Chair     Tim Williams

                              1st Vice/Sick & Visiting    Jim Gray

                              2nd Vice/Membership      Cheryl Fedon

                              Past Pres/LA Liaison        Teresa Taplin

                              Sgt at Arms                        Howard Hilstrom

                              Publicity                              Bonnie Boon

                              Service Officer                  Mark Barda

                              Bldg & Maint                     Gord Deprez

                              Sports                                  Bill Howe

                              Entertainment                   Bonnie Brennan

                              Poppy Chair                       Rev Oracheski

                              Lotto co Chair                   Dave Norquay

                              Sec/Treas                           Chelsea Felske

You can reach any of these people through our Branch phone or email:  204-467-2261;

Jan 03  MEAT DRAW starts 6:30; 50/50 to follow
Jan 10  MEAT DRAW starts 6:30; 50/50 to follow
Jan 14  Exec Meeting 7 pm, General Mtg 8 pm
Jan 17  MEAT DRAW starts 6:30; 50/50 to follow
Jan 24  MEAT DRAW starts 6:30; 50/50 to follow
Jan 25  MEAT DRAW starts 3 pm in the Club Room
Jan 31  MEAT DRAW starts 6:30; 50/50 to follow
Feb 07  MEAT DRAW starts 6:30; 50/50 to follow
Feb 11  Exec Meeting 7 pm, General Mtg 8 pm
Feb 14 MEAT DRAW starts 6:30; 50/50 to follow
Feb 15  Supper in the Club Room; Music by the Marvels
Feb 21  MEAT DRAW starts 6:30; 50/50 to follow
Feb 28  MEAT DRAW starts 6:30; 50/50 to follow
Feb 29  MEAT DRAW starts 3 pm in the Club Room

REMINDERS:  Bingo – Mon nights at 6:45 for the Early Birds; Seniors' Bingo – Tues afternoons at 1:30; Chase the Queen – Wed evenings 7:30 – 8:30; Meat Draw – Friday nights starting at 6:30; last Sat. of each month 3pm; Crib - Thurs. nights 7 pm sharp; Darts League - Sat. night; schedule at the bar