Wednesday 26 August 2015

Summer Newsletter

RCL Branch 52     Newsletter for September 2015
     Well, Quarry Days has come and gone, and harvest is well in hand. You know what that means! Our annual Fall Supper is nearly upon us! The date this year is Sunday, October 18. It will be held in the Legion Hall at 459 Veteran’s Way (Main Street), Stonewall, MB. Phone 204-467-2261 for further information.
     There are two things that we always need for a successful Fall Supper. First off, we need pies! The community expects us to have lovely, delightful, delicious pies for dessert. If you do not bake (like me), or if you are not confident of your baking prowess, you can either buy some pre-made pies at the store (if these pies are not cooked, be sure to cook them before you donate them – been there, done that, got the tee-shirt LOL!) or you can donate some cash to the Ladies, and they can buy some pies. Either way, we all win! You can also donate cash or food (such as butter) to the supper. So that is the first thing that we need.
     The second thing we need is YOU! Yes, we need a lot of volunteers to make this thing work. We need people to peel potatoes and set the tables and cook stuff and sell tickets on the day and take tickets at the door and seat people at the tables and pour tea or coffee – we need lots of people. Call 204-67-2261 to volunteer your services. Thanks a bunch.
     Speaking of thanks, many thanks are due to the many people who worked at Quarry Days, both on the weekend and at preparation ahead of time. This is one of our two major fundraising events for the year (can you guess what the other one is? That’s right, the Fall Supper!) and we truly appreciate everyone’s efforts.
     Members’ Night is coming up on September 19 to kick off Legion Week. New Members will be initiated, and other Members will receive service pins and other recognition. Entertainment afterward will be provided by Marvells. There will be fun and games and food for all.
     Other events in Legion Week will be Church Parade on Sept. 20 and the annual Seniors’ Tea (I think -- I need to check on that).
     The patio has been a big hit this summer. Thanks to the Members who donated their time (and muscle!) to set it up. Rumour has it that the patio might stay up all winter this year; check out the website from time to time for updates and this and other matters.
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