Wednesday 12 July 2017

Summer Newsletter for Branch No. 52 Stonewall

  The weekend of August 18-20 is our biggest community celebration of the year, Quarry Days. We have a number of events planned. The Parade sets off from the arena at 10:15 on the Saturday; we will have a float in the parade. Of course everyone is welcome to come on out to our centrally located Legion Hall to watch the parade go by. And that is not even our first event of the weekend! On Friday, Aug. 18, at  6:00 our Beer Gardens and BBQ will be open. Later on, you can groove to the musical stylings of Hallo Jump in the Club Room. Then on Saturday morning, join us for pancake breakfast in the Hall from 8 a.m. till noon.  Our Beer Gardens and BBQ open at noon, and will be available until about 7 p.m. The annual “street dance” and Beer Gardens begin at 8 p.m.; you need to pay to get into this one, folks, and you must have valid ID proving that you are 18 years of age or older. The entertainment will be provided by the ever-popular DJ, Chris Hofer. Bright and early at 8 a.m. on Sunday morning the pancake breakfast is up and running again in the Hall, until noon when the Beer Gardens and BBQ open for the afternoon, with DJ Tony Letkeman.
  We would very much like to put on a barbecue every Friday afternoon, from about 5:30 until 7:30 or so. In order to do this we need VOLUNTEERS! Feel free to sign up to help out with one (or more) of these events. The sign-up sheet is at the bar in the Club Room. If we have no volunteers, we will have no barbecue!
  Dominion Command is requesting all members’ email addresses; simply send an email to Another new thing coming down the pipe is an improved Member Application Form. Previously, the routine was to fill in the Application, pay your dues, and attend an initiation in order to become a full-fledged Legion member. Now the Initiation portion of the process has been included on the Application form, so you never have to attend at all! Of course we would all like to see you come out to the Legion and socialize, but the initiation just does not fit everyone’s schedule. This way, you can more easily become a Member.
  President’s Report.  Cde. T. Willliams reports that Chase the Queen recently paid out at over $11,000.00, and the Bingo Lucky Seven went at over $2700.00. Come on down to our weekly events and take a chance on winning big!  Cde. Williams wishes to thank everyone who helped at Decoration Day. A thank you is also extended to Cdes. B. and P. Armstrong for the donation of the poppy picture in the foyer.
  In other administrative business, patrons are advised that there will be a slight increase in drink prices in the Club Room, to reflect increased costs. Effective July 1, 2017, it will cost you 25 cents more to wet your whistle. It has further been decided to revisit the Hall rental rates for community events such as funerals, etc. It has been demonstrated that what we collect is not enough to pay the janitor to clean up the space after the event, and get it ready for the next event. I believe that at one time the events under this umbrella were put on by Members, and were set up and cleaned up by those same Members. Now the lines have become somewhat blurred, with other folk wanting to use the Hall at “mates’ rates” but not doing the set up and clean up that “mates” formerly did.

July 01  CLUB ROOM CLOSED - Canada Day
July 07  Meat Draw 6:30-7:30; 50-50 8 pm
July 11 Exec meeting 7, no General meeting
July 14  Meat Draw 6:30-7:30; 50-50 8 pm
July 21  Meat Draw 6:30-7:30; 50-50 8 pm
July 28  Meat Draw 6:30-7:30; 50-50 8 pm
Aug. 04  Meat Draw 6:30-7:30; 50-50 8 pm
Aug. 07  CLUB ROOM CLOSED - Civic Holiday
Aug. 08   Exec meeting 7, no General meeting
Aug. 11  Meat Draw 6:30-7:30; 50-50 8 pm
Aug. 18  6:00 Beer Gardens open & BBQ
Aug. 18  6:30 Meat Draw              
Aug. 18  8:00 Hallo Jump (band) in the Club Room
Aug. 19  8:00-noon pancake breakfast in the Hall
Aug. 19  Noon- Beer Gardens open & BBQ
Aug. 19  8:00 pm Street Dance DJ Chris Hofer – Beer Gardens
               LEGAL ID REQUIRED to get in 18 and 0ver
Aug. 20  8:00-noon pancake breakfast in the Hall
Aug. 20  Noon - Beer Gardens open & BBQ
Aug. 20  1 pm - DJ Tony Letkeman – Beer Gardens
Aug. 25  Meat Draw 6:30-7:30; 50-50 8 pm
Bingo – Mon nights at 7 for the Early Birds
Seniors’ Bingo – Tues afternoons at 1:30
Chase the Queen – Wed evenings 7:30 – 8:30
Crib – Thursday nights at 7 sharp
Meat Draw – Friday nights starting at 6:30