Wednesday 25 July 2018


  Publicity Director  Cde B. Boon will receive via email the Minutes of each meeting, in a timely fashion, to update the website on what’s going on. A Newsletter update will be issued which can easily be accessed from our website, Click on “Newsletter”.
  WE WILL HAVE BEER COZIES FOR SALE at Quarry Days! A great souvenir of our Branch #52 Stonewall. 
  Correspondence read out at the July 10 meeting includes the following:  Royal Canadian Legion Arrangements Committee is looking for inserts or items for bags for convention; Poppy Campaign 2018 provided Poster & Literary Contest Information to be sent to local schools; Royal Canadian Legion Br. #132 will hold a Doubles Cribbage Tournament on September 29; Dominion Convention is looking for scrutineers for Convention August 25-29; Royal Canadian Legion presented its Policy on Wearing Outlaw Motorcycle Club/Street Gang Colours.
  Sports Director Cde Bill Howe reported that the wind up for darts on June 30 went well and everyone had fun.
  Maintenance Director Cde Gord Deprez reported that the Hall doors are waiting on a firm delivery date, so the completion date given last meeting may be incorrect, depending on delivery date. If the doors are not going to be completed by Quarry Days, we will wait until after.The BBQ storage shed is working out well. The shed for recyclables is big enough, but boxes etc. should be cut down before being placed in it. The deep fryer, which is now 5 years old (how time flies!) needed repair and is now back in action.
  Entertainment Director Bonnie Brennan reported that on Friday, Aug. 17 Sonny & the Hurricanes will be in the clubroom for Quarry Days.  For the Vets’ Supper and Dance on Nov. 3 we have the Marvells.  The meal will be at 5:30 followed by speeches, with the dance after that, probably around 8:30.
  Sick & Visiting Director Cde. J. Gray reported that he mailed in the Nick Goresky write up to Command, Presented Jazmin Wallbank of Teulon the award for secondary education, sent a card out to Cheryl Fedon on the passing of Father in-law, mailed in the Helen Croy write up to command, and sent out a card to the family of Darrin Russell on her passing.
  President Cde. T. Williams reported that Chase the Queen is holding its own. The Saturday Meat Draw (last Saturday of each month at 3 p.m.) is very well received. Thank you to Jim Gray for mailing in the write ups and for attending the Teulon Grad. President attended the Stonewall Grad on June 23. We could really use another helper for Bingo.